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Meet a bettong and learn about conservation

Enjoy this unique opportunity to engage students in ecosystems science though meeting our bettong. We discuss human impacts on the environment and how our scientists are learning about these impacts and working to restore the ecosystem. Through our ‘Ambassador’ bettong we tell the story of how all living things, including plants and animals, depend on each other and the environment to survive. We also provide field guides to local species to help inspire students to explore their landscapes long after we leave the class room. The reintroduction of the eastern bettong is a real success story and it is a fantastic way to share the story of bettongs and conservation more broadly.

Details: In class visit duration 30 minutes

Cost: $5 per student (minimum 20 students, maximum 30 students)

Payment: We will email you an invoice following your bettong class visit.




Download Bettong Class Visit Info Sheet

What we need

Our little bettongs have been hand raised and are used to being handled by humans, but is far from a pet and can get a scare if there are loud noises or a lot of movement. So there are a few things we ask from teachers and students to make sure little Berry is happy and safe during the visit.


  • An enclosed space for the presentation, for example class room or small school assembly hall.
  • Only the bettong handler will hold/touch the bettong. Bettongs have very sensitive noses and are familiar with our scent.
  • Before the visit, it would be fantastic if the teachers could explain to the students that our little bettong can be very shy and gets quite scared if there is too much noise. If our bettong gets scared, we will have to wrap her up in the pouch until she calms down. So it is important everyone stays calm, still and quiet while the bettong is there.
  • We ask that the teachers are responsible for the students so we can focus on the little bettong.



Bettong Buddies ( is our place to share, inspire and educate people interested in nature and especially woodlands and wetlands. Keep up-to-date with reintroductions of species long-lost from our local woodlands, experience a night tour, become a buddy and join the fun. We share live updates from the field, observations, ways for you to get out and get involved, and provide tools for school students to undertake curriculum-targeted practical learning activities: online and in the woodlands and wetlands.

Bettong Bungalow ( has some great short clips with our campaign star, Brian the Bettong, telling the story of our eastern bettongs and their comeback to mainland Australia.


For general information about the sanctuary and upcoming events head to the Mulligans Flat page (


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