Our growing crew of Bettong Buddies are here to keep you up to date with news from the field at Mulligans Flat and Jerrabomberra
Wetlands. We want you to know what it is like to live in a nature park, our experiences meeting people and other animals, and the opportunities for you to help us out.

We especially love our sanctuary at Mulligans, which protects us from land clearing and feral animals outside the fence – if we cross over we might get eaten! We all once occurred naturally in and around the woodlands of Canberra but removal of our habitat and the introduction of foxes and cats wiped us out from the region. Some of us are not so worried about foxes and cats and we can survive in the broader landscape, but you will still get to experience the land and water through our eyes.

Some scientists have worked out ways to bring us back to Canberra and we are very pleased to be back. The Mulligans Flat sanctuary provides a safe-haven for flora and fauna in a threatening landscape. The Sanctuary allows us to thrive and breed and hopefully rebuild our presence in the region. Our sister-reserve at Jerrabomberra Wetlands is similarly a safe-haven for our Platypus Pals and birds that drop-in from other countries on their travels.

Bettong BuddiesHere we provide opportunities for everyone to engage, learn, get-involved and help us out. For our on-line friends you can access our live webcam and field notes, and subscribe to our regular newsletter. People coming to Canberra can book one of our regularly booked-out night tours and meet us in the field. For our neighbours in Canberra, you can visit our sanctuary and wetland any day, with a walk tailored to your interests, or you join our Friends Group and get your hands and gum boots dirty.

Finally, our future is in the hands of the young-ones. Our education programs are designed for teachers to help get kids into the reserve and build their appreciation of nature and natural processes. There are online options and options for incursions from a Bettong Buddy too… Through this program we hope to inspire the future landscape leaders…